Musa (raw)

How do you write when your purpose is gone. How can you focus when all that is on your mind is what is absent. Life becomes a serious of meaningless moments. All it would take is their touch to cause a spark. And from it an inferno will burst with no hope of ceasing. What is the point of life when all you can see are shades of gray.

Why watch an endless marathon of your most hated show? You may come to memorize each scene word for word, but it’s futile. I don’t belong there, none do. It is only that one who can change the channel, draw you away from the mindless babble that runs through your mind all day.

The creator made us in pairs and two by two we forum our own realities together. Fuck it my words don’t make sense without a purpose for them.

– M (drunk freestyle night..)


A Prodigal’s URL Collective

The following is an ongoing collection of websites that helped to shape my ever evolving ambidextrous prerogative:

“How To Write With Style” Kurt Vonnegut

“Creative Writing Tools” Matt Herron

“Plotting 101” Rachel Vincent

“3 Awesome Plot Structures” Kristen Kieffer

“How to Write” Colson Whitehead

“Rules for Writing” Charles Bukowski

“Letters of Advice to a Daughter” F. Scott Fitzgerald